Ronald A. Westerhuis at Museum De Fundatie

Ronald A. Westerhuis makes huge sculptures of stainless steel. He is the designer of the national monument commemorating the flight MH17 air disaster. Museum de Fundatie and Kasteel het Nijenhuis are hosting a major retrospective "Size does matter" of the work of this important contemporary artist.


Nick Ervinck in his studio

With his master's degree in Mixed Media, contemporary artist Nick Ervinck focuses on installations, 3D printed sculptures, ceramics, prints, drawings, light boxes and animated films. His knowledge in sculpture, materials and computer modelling allows him to merge the virtual and real worlds. As a result, his work appears to be imported from a fictional world.


Yaacov Agam

Known for his pioneering work in kinetic art, Israeli artist Yaacov Agam fascinated the world with his geometric abstraction. His three-dimensional paintings, sculptures and lenticular prints, also known as agamographs, have met with great success. Agam fuses formalism and mysticism to create a sensory experience for the viewer. Here, movement and the viewer's point of view are indispensable.



Art Flow Zwolle

The Dutch municipality of Zwolle put forward Annelies Ysebaert as curator for Art Flow Zwolle, a project in collaboration with Ralph Keuning, museum director of De Fundatie. Art Flow Zwolle is a summer art route through Zwolle, where residents and tourists can view artworks in both outdoor and indoor spaces.