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10.03 - 30.04.2023


10.03 - 30.04.2023

Kids in dialogue with Nick Ervinck

Visual artist and visionary Nick Ervinck is exhibiting his three-dimensional sculptures at Gallery Ysebaert throughout March and April. The works highlight his expertise in sculpture, computer modelling and materials. The halls will be transformed into a sci-fi experience with bright yellow hues, a fusion of the real with the virtual world.

The exhibition is part of a cultural project in collaboration with Simmonet primary school in Sint-Martens-Latem. Over a period of several months, Nick Ervinck and Sint-Lucas Gent teach pupils the process of 3D printing. The aim is to teach them creativity, technology and science. The children's works will be exhibited together with Nick Ervinck's artworks at Gallery Ysebaert.

 Vernissage: 10 March 2023 with guest speaker Freddy Decreuse.


Nick Ervinck

“I am particularly interested in the tension between nature and culture, between tradition and innovation. I try to push the limits of digital possibilities, while maintaining respect for the (art) historical legacy.” 

With his master's degree in Mixed Media, contemporary artist Nick Ervinck focuses on installations, 3D printed sculptures, ceramics, prints, drawings, light boxes and animated films. His knowledge in sculpture, materials and computer modelling allows him to merge the virtual and real worlds. As a result, his work appears to be imported from a fictional world. As a viewer, you get the feeling of entering a sci-fi world or another dimension, as if your extraordinary dreams are unfolding in reality. Themes such as human anatomy, plants, masks and animals are the yellow thread in his art. A cursory glance at his sculptures is not enough. Immerse yourself, interact, fantasise.

Nick's ideas find their way into exhibitions, public spaces, city parks, walls, private homes and even churches. The environment is an indispensable part in the story of the artwork and the viewer. His sculptures influence the meaning and experience of a space: a bare wall becomes an otherworldly view or a park becomes significantly green and yellow. This is the power of Nick Ervinck.

Edition to benefit Simmonet Primary School

The exhibition is part of a cultural project in collaboration with Simmonet primary school in Sint-Martens-Latem. Nick Ervinck released an edition especially for this collaboration to benefit Simmonet Primary School.


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